Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm talking to you, yes, YOU. :)

Jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan Nya.. slalu kite dengar.
kita tak faham apa maksud ni sampaila suatu masa..
Experience do teach us sumthing to be appreciated in life..

Sebagai seorang perempuan yg masih lagi belajar di universiti memenuhi impian kedua ibu-bapa dan menjadi contoh kepada adik-adik, saya rasa belajar ini suatu misi dalam hidup untuk keluarga dan pastinya niat menuntut ilmu kerana Allah s.w.t.. 

Since I was a kid, my parents made the decisions for me, although they did gave me the options in deciding on something, but at last, i turn to them n let them decide for me.  

I dont regret. because I know, redha Allah terletak kpd redha kedua umi dan abah. 
and because I'm thinking that, I still their little princess who want her mum so badly when she has problem or whenever she feel the pain, and who is not strong enuf to stay far away from her parents becuz shez crying like a baby soon as the bus leave the hometown. 

yes, I am that kind of girl. I don't wanna grow up n leave my childhood.

But, sometimes, I though I was being a selfish to my soon-to-be-the other half.. I know. 
Every time, the thing mess in my head, I feel so guilty.

While I busy blaming my self, theres a voice  deep in my heart whispering, why shud i feel so? well, i shudn't and dont have to. My priority as for now is my family, and my parents do not approve early marriage. He has to wait for years to get us together 'halal'. 

I learn, its not easy to satisfy other people's heart; family and him. I choose my family while Im not yet urs -legally, because my duty is not finish yet. My parents wish, I have to done with it first. 

Thank you, for being there, n stay with me for years. Its not that I dont remember or try not to, but I will.. for the rest of my life. I promise, Allah-willing.. it worth for. 

It just that... I hope, u never lose hope on me, n leave me in the midst becus of u are tired of waiting. 
Allah knows what best for us, I believe He just hold the thing becuz He has sumthing better for us that will come out latter. 

gambar kecik sje kedekut

p/s: my lullaby Faeiz b. Musa :) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tony Tint and Meiko Naturactor dijual disini.

Tony Tint and Meiko Naturactor..!


second entry is goin to finish in one nite, hebakk ah.. hihi. My head isn't so fine..yet I trying to make a quick review on this brand new thing, they called it Tony Tint. have u ever heard this before? becoz I don't. This is new for me.. i decided to try it on. 

This thing, for me, is awesome! & cute! & cute! hehe.. actually, kalau bab2 kecantikan muka ni, i little bit backward lah. sebab muka I cuci pakai pencuci muka murah n tradisional jer, sabun susu beras..tuh pon terinfluence dgn Nurul Badiah Lai.. sebab dia bagus, trus I amik banyak2 jual.  Pegi kelas n kluar pon pakai eyeliner n lip gloss jer.. beberapa bulan ni dah ups sikit, belajar pakai foundation dan bedak compek. Itu pon layan Safi dan bedak Miyami. murah murah kan.. haha. kedekut sangat nak habis untuk muka ni. 




 see all those items above, itu jer I layan selama ni. murah bagus. :) tapi lately, dah terpengaruh dengan beberapa brangan kecantikan muka. Dalam list nak beli Meiko Naturactor & collagen eye mask. Naturactor ni Puan Irine Nadia pon pakai. *terpengaruh baca belog dia lah ni* haaha. 

 orang kalau dah cantik pakai ape pon cantik yer dok.. huhu. tapi feedback dari orang2 lain pon semua cakap naturactor ni bagus, wahh! eden nak torai la~ hihi. 2nd item in list ialah collagen eye-mask. ni pon terpengaruh dengan irine jugak.. since eye-bag bawah mata ni sangat membimbangkan dah, memang dah lama sgt nak cari sumthin bole kemekkan beg mata bawah ni ha.. so, tak membazir kan semua ni? keperluan bukan kehendak. *cakap kat cik abang ayat ni, sure dia luku kepala.hihihihi* 

Last sekali nak beli benda ni.. *jengjengjeng

Tony Tint *hapadiaa?? 

lepaih skodengskodeng blog Puan Nurul Ain, ternyata dia pon layan der Tony Tint nih. memang tak syak lagi Tony Tint ni keperluan bukan kehendak! hihi. 

antara barang2 mekap Puan Nurul Ain :) 
*hg xkenal dia sapa balik google okay?

ala-ala bibir artis korea masa musim cijuk gitew~

available in 2 colour: RED APPLE & CHERRY PINK

Red Apple is my choice! ;)
Cherry pink pon cute tiut miut piut~

                                                                             Cara makai nya.. comel kan? ;D
Tony Tint-
Interested text me kat no ni 013-9209537 *siyes buyer only
Price : RM 12 exclude postage.
            RM 18 include postage.

Meiko Naturactor-
Interested text me kat no ni 013-9209537 *siyes buyer only
Price : RM45 exclude postage.

Short entry which is not so short.

Assalamualaikum to ladies and gentlements, girls and boys outside there..  ;D

Its been several months since my last update...  My life has been turned ups and downs. I learned that being a student needs a lot of dedication *sigh. and i'm not a kind of student who being able to divide my commitment, time n space between study and business. & of course, study is prevail among all. I mean, apart of family.. I think, students, shud realize that study is one of our responsibility towrds our parents since they've spent a lot of money and time as to see their prince/princess grows up being a soleh/solehah and succeed in dun'ya wa akhirah. :) 

    Speaking of business, I think business is much more exciting than law. Yes, I do feel so. *Yang Arif, sentence me to death! * harharhar. I made the statement while everyone is hoping I becoming someone in law circle. huhu. okay, enuf said. So, today's entry.. Those who still read my entries, might wondering what am I up for this time.. Reviewing my previous entries, those are regarding business! *AGAIN* hihi. 

FYI, my first time involve in business was in selling sabun susu beras & still doing it.

My second time, my passion was in selling pre-loved / bundle dresses and blouse.

    Presently, I'm working on selling customade dresses and blouses. My own design of my own collection of blouses and dresses. I'm so excited of doing this. cannot wait to see the result, InsyaAllah.. soon will be released :') The thing i started all this is because, I am inspired by my girls sibling. Their frends has asked  'em where did they buy the skirt and on.. the feedback is positive. Alhamdulillah.. :')

    Well, since I'm on vacay in 3 months.. I need to have 'monetary activities' so that my vacation is worth spending on. haha.

..That's all for today's entry which took me half day to finish on. Baloq liat kan? haha.. ;)