Wednesday, May 18, 2011

happy mother's day. yea, i'm late!

cool kan mereka? haha, kitorang suh pakai, depa pakai jer..~ melayan anak2. haha

looking at her face, making me realize how loving she is, how tiring she is in dealing

with 6 of us. im sorry for sumtimes, making u sad and dissapoint of my 'kerenah'.

one night, i kissed ur forehead.. and then u said " ada jugak anak umi nak sayang umi sebelum tidok.. ',

and u know what? i felt bad of me at that time. i love u.. and mybe i dont know how to express

it thru my action. but deep in my heart.. i really really really love u so much much more umi.

you are the apple of my eyes.

umi Nafisah othman.. ;')

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all beautiful mothers in the world..!

p/s: lambatnya la aku wt entri hari ibu ni.haha. i miss umi ='p nak alik..~ huhu