Monday, July 2, 2012

Short entry which is not so short.

Assalamualaikum to ladies and gentlements, girls and boys outside there..  ;D

Its been several months since my last update...  My life has been turned ups and downs. I learned that being a student needs a lot of dedication *sigh. and i'm not a kind of student who being able to divide my commitment, time n space between study and business. & of course, study is prevail among all. I mean, apart of family.. I think, students, shud realize that study is one of our responsibility towrds our parents since they've spent a lot of money and time as to see their prince/princess grows up being a soleh/solehah and succeed in dun'ya wa akhirah. :) 

    Speaking of business, I think business is much more exciting than law. Yes, I do feel so. *Yang Arif, sentence me to death! * harharhar. I made the statement while everyone is hoping I becoming someone in law circle. huhu. okay, enuf said. So, today's entry.. Those who still read my entries, might wondering what am I up for this time.. Reviewing my previous entries, those are regarding business! *AGAIN* hihi. 

FYI, my first time involve in business was in selling sabun susu beras & still doing it.

My second time, my passion was in selling pre-loved / bundle dresses and blouse.

    Presently, I'm working on selling customade dresses and blouses. My own design of my own collection of blouses and dresses. I'm so excited of doing this. cannot wait to see the result, InsyaAllah.. soon will be released :') The thing i started all this is because, I am inspired by my girls sibling. Their frends has asked  'em where did they buy the skirt and on.. the feedback is positive. Alhamdulillah.. :')

    Well, since I'm on vacay in 3 months.. I need to have 'monetary activities' so that my vacation is worth spending on. haha.

..That's all for today's entry which took me half day to finish on. Baloq liat kan? haha.. ;)  




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