diary me


forever being a student.. because everyday i go through the process of learning
either formal or unformal.. =) guide me then ;)

 Nur Syakirah bte Yusof 

 27 November 19**


International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak main campus
Bachelor of Laws(Hons)

Eldest from 6

facebook: pinkurlz@yahoo.com

formspring: http://formspring.me/Nsyakirah

status: taken.

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     People may describe me as anything they wish to, but SAYANGnya, those people just waste their time , cause i just do not care at all what they are really think of me, as for them, one word best to describe; JEALOUSY. But for the people whom i love; family, and he; Yes, i do care as much as i should..as they are really important for me. And for me, they are so much priceless. 

     I am now toward becoming a better person. Please, put less expectation as me myself.. not sure to what extend my own ability. As human often do mistake almost everyday.. so am i. Guide me, teach me, with the knowledge which Allah s.w.t had granted to us. And remind me whenever i do mistake or sin, because i might sometimes, do slack. But please, do with manner. =p 

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