Monday, June 14, 2010

reunion ex-skskl batch 2002

*Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang *

first, i just dont know what i'm gonna post for tis tyme. till i remembered, yesterday.. there was an event which i attent. it was a reunion day on 13th jun 2010.. at 3 p.m. it was a great n wonderful moment bcoz it have been a long tyme since we were not meet each other. they have organized it for several tyme before.. but i just dont have a chance to go to. a bit dissapointed as my bestfrend, sabariah didn't shown up.. =(( or else, she would really make my day =) but sokay...

thanks guys for ur commitment. the people; izreen & her 3 girlfrends, me, farihah md noor, alip, syamim, thaqif, ku azri, fathi, saiful azwan. they were soo cool n ntah pape. hihihi. =p
we had our lunch at Rasamas. not bad.. but its wonderful enuf if we have it at burger stall... haha!

after finished up ol those thing, eating & babbling && bluffing .. hehe. i got my weight 44.4 kg on weight scale. OMG! i thought the scale 'lied' to me huh! XD but i loiike the result.. so just keep living under this lying fact. eh! haha.. =D so, those guys pon sebuk2 gak nk timbang berat. then, pakat kutuk ler berat masing2~ hehe. now, i just do not care too much on my current weight bcause i just feeling wonderful in the way i am as long as i comfort wit it.. n he can accept me the way i was before. dia suh i gimuk lgi ader. poo daa... hihi =p so,let see how far...~ haha! ;)

eh..ngarut2 plak cakap sal berat.haha. ok, back to the story, we ended up the meeting around 6 p.m. farihah took me home safely. thanks babe ;) it was a full day out. bcoz... up in the early morning, i went to KV (driving school) for QTI test. da xlanggar tiang la weyh...! haha. ;) =p
but its all worth it..!! ;) till then...

p/s: broken english. do correct me. =p


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