Tuesday, May 3, 2011

do mess up with law students.

salam guys. actually im not in a good mood to post an entry. but i need sumone i want to talk to, sumone to comfort me, to please and fine me. i feel so down n depress becuz of no good reason, i guess. hurm.. 1st of all, ok, im a law student, taking bachelor of laws (hons)-LLB. LLB is for civil law degree, n im not sure what it is stands for. if im not mistaken. Lex Legum Bachelorette (latin) * correct me if the word spelled is incorrect.

what the h*** im telling u guys what student am i.

some people out there will sound like this....

''bangga ke jdi law student?''..
''perlu ke ckp hg student law''...n bla bla.

those people are set their mind all negative when law students started to acknowledge themselves as law students and started to talk panjang bejela.. n claimed 'its all becuz of we read laws n thats why we acted like poyo n what not bla bla'. why are they like 'blaming' that course that we've taken?? i dont understand. and yes.. some laws students are acted like 'cakap-macam-hebat-giler' but not all laws students intend to,sumtime-without realizing-they've become-like that kan?? n its becuz all the time we read lot of 'argument-things', writing -panjang berjela on papers, and we are soo like that and whats the problem if these kind of 'things' we always bergelumang into sedikit sebanyak mempengaruhi pendirian and cara kami? bukannya culture shock benda xelok.

why are u so distracted with our changes?
whatever the reason is, i cannot see the relevancy of feeling distraction of other people's changes as long as they are not violate ur right n harm u bodily! -,-

n im glad if by way of taking the course i've become like more confidence, ada pendirian sendiri dan xbersikap tak tetap pendirian macam lalang. before, i used to follow what other people say and just keep silence even if im not agree with sumthing that oppose to my thought.
im sorry if u guys ada yang trasa dengan kata2 dan bahasa saya. im juz like that. ;) kadang2 nak ikut kepala sendiri unless statement u guys buat saya rasa ada betulnya and im not going to deny sumthin yang sy rasa betul. im not that cruel! hehe.

its not sumthing to be proud of kalau kita amek Medic ker.. Law ke.. Engine ker.. architecture ke.. if we are not soo like medic students, law students, engine students architecture students etc. kalau kita pemalas, buat keja last minutes, negative attitudes still xleh nak ubah.. *sy la tuh.hihi. thats what im goin to mengadu skang. sobs..sobs.. *laa, bru nak msuk topik. haha. see.. mukadimah panjang gilos.

im glad n tumpang happy on behalf of my sister; yana.. bru fly ke aussie untuk Diploma Pentadbiran Kehakiman Guaman Islam. i smile on behalf of her. and i feel scared when i start to think what im goin to do in future. i dont have a plan, a brilliant future plan like others, i guess..im not soo good in law, n im not sure if i can do better in law circle. ='( im lack in every single law stuff blabla. i stress when i thinking that i cant remember allllll that i've learn. ok, those are all negative. huhu. it knocked me down. i need sumone to gimme an advice to motivate my spirit. huhu.

anyone wanna be found? ;p

sumone said.. masa belajar.. mmg perlu ingat smua kita belajar. *ok,memang la. tapi bila start practse we still need to open up the book.. find the law cases..juz good to know and familiar dengn law principles yang beriban2.haha. sampai beriban ker ek. tatawu ler. hihi.

effort; Bundle of Authorities (BOA)
nak moot nti kena wat ni. biasanya memang tebai giler. tapi ni peringkat
asasi jer. so, ni jela.haha
CFS 2008/2009 2nd year 2nd sem.

aikol legal journey.
sbb kan gi sini la.. esemen aku x submit on time. pas bgi
excuse letter bru Dr. tu accept. huhu

khusyuk.kah3. krooh..kroohh~

p/s: petg ni jam 5 result kuar. takot. 8hb balik gombak wat shortsem 1 subjek jer-compulsory moot. then its goin to be a veryyyyyy busy semester.but still, cant wait to learn sumthin new! ;) i Love moot. *tetiba.haha


Scha Myra said...

lek ar der.... bila tak bg tau, ckp kt berlagak, bile dah bg thu, ckp sombong la.. manusia...

nur syakirah yusof said...

tuh la pasl.. hurm. tape. org2 gini malas nk layan. janji Allah taw apa niat kt ;)

gymah said...

hi sis, sy pn law stdt gk. n sy agak stress bila org ltak hrapn yg tinggi utk sy. bi;a org thu sy amik law, org akn kte " waaaahhhh, bla blaa blaa... " mcm2.. pdahal sy bru tgh blaja.kje pun belum tentu dpt lg kn. rsau gk law.. btw,, goodluck kak !!!!

sy mintak tesl.. hrap sgt dpt .. insyaAllah sy akan proceed tesl if sy dpt nnti.. law amat berat bg sy sbb smua org ltsk hrapn tnggi..

:) godluck darl

nur syakirah yusof said...

psl hrpan tggi.. smua org sekeliling akn letkkan hrapan tggi tmbh2 kt ngaji peringkt tinggi. scope pkerjaaan dah nmpak. pape pon..its up to us to choose whatever job we want to do. ;)
gudluck to u too dear ;)

Ahchik cun said...

awak2..goodluck!! i love law! huuuuu

nur syakirah yusof said...

thanks u!! eh.. awk2 tu kannye bendalah tongah2 bendang sawoh padi ker?? hihii

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